Hello, and welcome to my website!

I’m a professional writer, creative designer, and instructional developer with 20+ years of experience and a diverse background. Whatever I’m working on, it’s all about quality writing, effective communication design, and changing the way people think, feel, and behave.

I specialize in . . .

  • Persuasive communications (internal/external communications, public involvement, and marcomm)
  • Curriculum development and interactive learning design (live/virtual, ILT and self-guided)
  • Storytelling (in all its forms–business, creative, and more)

Professional Writing | Communication Design

Ever get the feeling your communication tools might not be working as well as you hope they are? Give me a call. (The initial consultation is free.)

I provide organizations and businesses with expert writing, message development, and communication design to produce positive changes in the way audiences respond to your organization, your mission and your messages. My specialties include persuasive writing, clear organization of complex information, sharpening strategic focus, and long-form, multi-part projects. Call on me for presentations, scripts (video, audio, e-learning and more), print and web, and “special” projects. (To learn more, click the title above.)

Curriculum Development | Interactive Learning Design

Need a fresh new approach to your training–or a creative shakeup? Let’s talk!  

I offer expert curriculum development, instructional design and interactive learning design for both live and virtual training. My instructional approach turns training into personal discovery, which helps learners at all levels understand not only how but why to change the way they respond to certain challenges. (To learn more, click the title above.)


Wondering why your organization’s “story” isn’t producing the powerful impact you want? Maybe it’s time to look deeper.

There are a lot of people out there talking about “storytelling” in business, but the best storytelling doesn’t follow a “formula.” It goes beyond the superficial to evoke feelings that make each audience member recognize their own story in yours. Come explore the real power of meaningful stories and key components like conflict, suspense, and dramatic pacing. (To learn more, click the title above.)


When you’re not sure what you need–or how to get where you want to be–put my experience to work.

I’ve been a trusted advisor to senior managers, and a peer mentor to individual contributors. I bring a multidisciplinary approach, looking at projects from a combined strategic, creative, and analytical perspective. Recognized as an innovative problem solver, I will also help you spot hidden obstacles in your existing messages. I help my clients . . .

  • EVALUATE existing messaging and training materials.
  • CREATE new and upgrade existing communication and training products.
  • SOLVE communication and training challenges through new approaches.
  • EXPLORE new ideas, opportunities and ways to enhance your messaging and training.

Creative Communications & Learning Design
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