“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes.”

Marcel Proust, novelist

I love this quote. After all, isn’t that the purpose of communication and training — to get others to “see with new eyes”?

I help organizations and savvy managers “see” their communication and training tools from a different perspective. I provide the skills and experience to help you assess, plan, and create more effective business messages and learning tools, and how to fix problems that could be undermining your goals.

A Fresh Perspective Plus Proven Skills

As a consultant, I provide . . .

  • A multidisciplinary approach to help you see your messages and training from all sides.
  • Analytical, strategic and creative insights to identify “hidden” obstacles and identify new options.
  • Expertise as a trusted advisor to help you evaluate, brainstorm, plan and implement your best ideas.
  • A “big picture” view with a tactical focus, ensuring your strategy and your end products are on target.

My consulting services are based on 20+ years as a professional writer and as a learning designer. Clients turn to me for expert communication and writing skills, and for deep insights into designing training programs and materials. They also come to me for innovative problem-solving, seamless integration, and consistent branding to ensure your messages and learning tools are working for you and not against you.


Call Me To . . .

  • EVALUATE existing messaging and training materials.
  • CREATE new and upgrade existing communication and training products.
  • SOLVE communication and training challenges through new approaches.
  • EXPLORE new ideas, opportunities and ways to enhance your messaging and training.

Over my career, I’ve worked with many organizations on a surprisingly wide range of projects, topics and challenges. Whether you need help creating something new, evaluating existing materials, or exploring your options, call or email me directly to discuss your project. Remember, the initial consultation is free.

Chanda K. Zimmerman

Creative Communications & Learning Design
660.441.0466 | ckzwrites@gmail.com

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