Storytelling: A Powerful Tool for Anyone

I am providing a link here to a post I put up recently on my Questing Moon Communications website/blog. The topic of that post is Storytelling: A Powerful Tool for Businesses and Organizations . . . but it is also a powerful tool for individuals.  Stories have traditionally helped human beings examine and reshape their lives, which is why they are such a powerful form of communication.

In the post, I discuss not only the power of storytelling, but perhaps more importantly, the need to review, adjust and sometimes change our stories over time to help us change our lives.

Now, many people may argue that the idea of “changing your story” sounds like a deception. But as you will see in my post, it can actually be  the process of bringing truth and consistency to what we say and do.  Examining the stories we tell on a regular basis can show us if they are consistent with what we value most in life.

So enjoy, and let me know what you think.

© Chanda K. Zimmerman, 2013

2 thoughts on “Storytelling: A Powerful Tool for Anyone

  1. Chanda,

    I LOVE this post and the post on your business site! Storytelling is so important, not only to writers, but to business professionals, professional speakers, and even in our personal lives. Nothing comes close to evoking raw emotion quite like a story.

    And I agree that we must continually re-evaluate our own story — just as we and our lives are ever-changing, so is our story. Changing our story doesn’t mean we are being deceptive, it means we are open to change and accepting that change is a part of who we are.

    Stories are vessels of truth, a string connecting one heart to another, and likewise, one thought to another. To know one’s story, whether it is personal or professional, is to know oneself. We cannot sell ourselves or our products to others unless we can reflect on our experiences and understand the evolution of our own story.

    Thank you for making this important point!

    Rhetorically urs,

    1. Thanks, Stacey! You make some great points as well about storytelling. I have been reevaluating my own work and life recently, and realized that much of my life’s work has been about telling stories and helping other people tell their stories more clearly and effectively. I started out life to be a storyteller (as in dramatic/fiction writer) so it’s kind of coming full circle for me. Thanks for the comments and for liking the post!


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