Future of Book Publishing in 2014 – Interesting Article

Well, that’s what I get for typing before I have a cup of coffee. Forgot to include the link to the article in question! Find it below!

Following a link from Greenleaf Book Group on LinkedIn, I found an article from a company called The Idea Logical Company (?) about the publishing industry at http://www.idealog.com/blog/nine-places-to-look-in-2014-to-predict-the-future-of-publishing/?

I was especially interested in the notes on how illustrated books are faring on digital, since I was contemplating that route recently as a writer/illustrator. Then there’s the usual depressing news about Penguin Random House, mergers, the continual mashing together of major publishers into one giant supercontinent, or as idealog.com puts it, “So we now really have a Big One and a Following Four, rather than a Big Five.”

Check out the info on lit agents dabbling in publishing: I’ve been seeing a lot of this floating past as I cruise the Net, and even the freelance sites.

And the discussion about Amazon versus the entire rest of the publishing industry, so to speak. All in all, a very interesting article, with both depressing and hopeful news for any creative or non-fiction writers out there.

What’s your take on it all?

© Chanda K. Zimmerman, 2014