I’ve worn many “hats” in my career — professional writer, instructional designer, college instructor, business trainer, scriptwriter, creative writer, artist and business manager.

My ability to step into a role and quickly be up to speed comes partly from experience — but it’s also a natural outgrowth of that multidisciplinary perspective.

I combine analytical, strategic, and creative skills that allow me to see any situation from multiple sides. That means I can give my clients options, instead of just applying one formula to solve widely differing challenges.

Many clients tell me that I’m one of the few consultants who always explains “why.” I help them identify what’s working, what isn’t and why, and what to do about it. So . . . how can I help you?


The Back Story . . .

I started out to be a professional writer, studied the art and craft of writing across many formats, and earned my M.F.A. in Professional Writing from USC.

Since I originally focused on scriptwriting, my B.A. at Trinity University (San Antonio, TX) is in TV/Film Productionand in Sociology, because writers always are dealing deeply in human psychology and behavior, as are instructional designers.

My passion for writing and deep interest in learning design go hand in hand. Much of a writer’s work is educating an audience, and I often teach communication courses on the side. When working as a learning designer, I’m writing all kinds of training materials, from print workbooks to presentations to eLearning projects. It’s a natural combination.


Writing & Editing: 20+ years of experience as a scriptwriter, presentation writer/designer, copywriter, speechwriter, curriculum developer, and staff writer in political press offices. Award-winning creative writer (see Storytelling below.)

Learning Design: 15+ years as a learning and instructional designer on enterprise-wide curriculums, eLearning, internal training, and public workshops/interactive events. Business trainer and college instructor in both live and virtual formats.

Visual Design: 20+ years in communication design, visual design, presentation design, product design. A professional artist, illustrator and crafter.

Management: Project manager /producer on print, media and multimedia projects with budgets ranging from $2,000 to $350,000. Business manager directing international stock photo agency, and owner/manager of businesses delivering creative services.

Storytelling: Award-winning creative writer and experienced narrative/documentary scriptwriter. Expert in business storytelling. Learn more about Storytelling.

A Resume Snapshot

  • Principal Writer/Consultant, CKZ Consulting | Communications and Learning Design
  • Instructional Designer/Content Developer, SkillPath Corporate Seminars
  • Sr. Writer-Editor/ Principal Consultant, QM Creative Communications
  • Communications Instructor (adjunct), University of Central Missouri, Park University, State Fair Community College
  • GM / VP of Marketing, Stock Imagery, Inc.
  • Speechwriter, Office of the Governor of New Mexico
  • Sr. Staff Writer/Media Producer, Michigan Senate Press Office
  • Copywriter, Kenyon & Advertising (TV/radio, Chrysler)
  • Freelance Scriptwriter, C. Zimmerman & Associates
Portrait of Chanda K. Zimmerman
C. K. Zimmerman

a.k.a The Cat Lady

I currently have only eight indoor cats — just a few of the many lost, abandoned or stray cats I’ve rescued from my yard. I do my best to help any creature in need. You can learn more about my cats and their crazy cat little world at their very own feline newspaper, The Kitty City Tattler at The Kitty City Report. I haven’t posted on it recently, but there are many fun “news” stories there

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