Getting back in the saddle: 500 a day

I was talking with some of the younger IDs (Instructional Designers) at work last week about the writing process.  I knew that they were both inclined toward planning out their work in detail before putting together workbooks or elearning scripts. I mentioned that I had discovered several years ago that there's a lot of value … Continue reading Getting back in the saddle: 500 a day

Corrected link for Print versus Ebook Pub Article

Okay, it didn’t like the shortened hyper link I used in the previous post, so here is the full one. So, hope this one works for you.    

Singing the Writing Blues

No, it's not writer’s block. It’s worker's block. I’ve been focused for the last few months on rebuilding my freelance business, and/or finding work since recovering from the “Great Recession” and a medical issue that started a couple of years ago and took a year to resolve. Then, as one discovers, it often takes even longer … Continue reading Singing the Writing Blues

Good News For Writers Who Feel Guilty

I don′t know about you, but this last year has been a doozy in many ways. (Doozy, that′s a technical term for . . .whoa!) I have struggled to find time to work on my own creative writing, and felt a ton of guilt over what was clearly a lack of self-discipline. But an article … Continue reading Good News For Writers Who Feel Guilty

Writing Resolutions for 2013

If you traditionally make resolutions, you’ve probably already got your list for 2013.  As for me, I tend to wander into them sometime in the first few days of January.  But mentally, I had made the committment back in December to do more with my own creative writing this year. Last year I was going … Continue reading Writing Resolutions for 2013

Should You Get a Writing Degree?

Should you get a writing degree? The question came up recently in an online discussion on LinkedIn, and it got me thinking deeply about the topic.  It’s been a running controversy for years among writers. Many have degrees, and many don’t.  There are successful and less successful writers on both sides of the aisle.  In light of the … Continue reading Should You Get a Writing Degree?