Chanda’s approach to strategy and communications was right on target. Her recommendations were based on an understanding of the business goals and objectives, as well as practical solutions… solutions that always included a pushed-envelope option, as well as a back-up plan. I valued her honesty, integrity and tenacity.
Marti DeMoss, Communications Manager, Cerner

Why Use a Consultant?

When you are too close to a situation or a challenge, it may be difficult to see your goals or options clearly, or even the steps to achieve them. An outside view can often reveal a simple fix, an underlying problem, or a whole new approach that might be easier, faster or simply more effective.

Clients call me for . . .

  • Evaluation of existing messaging, branding and training materials.
  • Innovation to create something completely new and different.
  • Problem-solving to address real challenges, not just symptoms.
  • Internal Training to enhance soft skills and expand creative thinking in your organization.

A Trusted Advisor

I’ve helped clients of all sizes and across many industries solve their strategic, creative and organizational challenges for many years. They are looking for more than just a standard answer. They want honest assessments, new insights, and flexibility. I provide options that make sense, fit their schedule and budget, and give them back a sense of excitement about the possibilities.

I also help them step back, remember what really matters, align daily work with long-range goals, explore new paths with a purpose, and defend their progress and products with confidence.

Asking the Right Questions

Consulting is about helping you identify new perspective, which includes . . .

  • asking the questions that no one has asked
  • questioning the usual answers that just aren’t working
  • encouraging a new level of innovation
  • supporting your team in exploring new ideas
  • providing a healthy challenge to the status quo

An outside consultant can ask the questions that those inside the organization may be uncomfortable bringing up, or simply haven’t thought about before. A skilled consultant does it in a way that engages others and moves the group toward a shared goal.

Staying Strategic While Delivering Tactical

Your messages and your training materials need to work on two levels: strategic (big picture) and tactical (solving a specific problem). In the day-to-day hustle, it’s easy to get bogged down in details, deadlines or stress, and lose focus on essential goals.

I help clients . . .

  • establish core criteria to support desired outcomes.
  • validate new ideas against goals.
  • deal with sudden changes or crises.
  • assess and shape compromises to maintain project integrity.

You may be surprised how simple the solution is when you see a problem from a fresh perspective. For powerful insights, guidance or and new ideas, contact me.

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