Chanda is a gifted writer, researcher and developer. She has solid knowledge and expertise in learning design theory and can craft learning products that transport the learner to a new level competence. Her design style is creative and cutting edge . . . her work is an example of instructional design excellence.”
Andrea Strong, Director of Instructional Design, SkillPath

Professional Experience

  • 6 years as an Instructional Designer on enterprise-wide curriculums
  • 15+ years as a training consultant and business trainer
  • 15+ years as a college instructor delivering onsite and virtual courses

I have a basic philosophy when it comes to training and learning: You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. Real change comes only when training connects with something deep inside a learner, and they feel curious and confident enough to dig deeper. Adult learners don’t just want to have “fun.” They want to discover new things about themselves, others, and the larger world that are relevant, useful and empowering. They want to participate, go deeper, and discover more.

My Specialties

  • Curriculum Development
  • Organic Interactive Design
  • Blended Instructional Strategies

Curriculum Development

Combining my background as a professional writer and experienced researcher, I create the courses, learning objectives, and step-by-step training materials, including: workbooks, facilitator guides, presentations, handouts and supplemental resources, as well as eLearning storyboards, courses, games, scenarios, simulations and interactive exercises.

I’ve worked on a wide range of topics, with special emphasis on leadership, communication, strategic planning and more for all kinds of industries.

Organic Interactive Design

Whether a course is live, virtual, or self-guided eLearning, learners want to be involved and challenged. One of the best ways to learn is by immersion and experience, which is why I build a consistent level of interactivity into all my course curriculums. That means activities that promote understanding a key concept, practicing it, and applying it to real world situations. It’s also important in my view for learners to be able to see clearly what the purpose of an activity is — not just “fun” but actual insights related directly to learning objectives.

Blended Instructional Strategies

In learning, one size doesn’t fit all. Effective training materials provide opportunities for all types and levels of learners, from the experienced to the novice, from the less assertive to the more dominant or skeptical, all in one overall package. I use a variety of creative instructional strategies including . . .

  • critical thinking
  • self-reflection
  • creativity
  • interactive learning
  • experiential learning

From Concept to Design to Delivery

I develop, research, write, design and produce teaching tools that are modular, step-based, highly interactive, and flexible enough to be used in many different ways. Working with SMEs and other creative professionals, I create:

  • clear blueprints for developers and production teams.
  • realistic and natural scripts, scenarios and simulations
  • creative and flexible design that converts to many formats

Working with Internal and External Clients

As an instructional designer working for a large U.S. training firm (SkillPath Seminars), I regularly consulted with corporate, government and global clients and specialists to gain an understanding of their needs and requirements — just as I do with my freelance clients.

My ability to work effectively with all kinds of clients and collaborators comes from experience, a deep understanding of their needs and goals, plus strong skills in:

  • Needs assessment
  • ADDIE and SAM
  • Adult learning theory
  • Learning methodologies
  • Creative instructional strategies
  • Objectives-based learning activities

If you’re looking for something new,
designed to provoke curiosity,
promote deeper understanding, and
motivate learners to make real changes,
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