Managing Change & Transition – Workbook & FG

When a global client wanted a series of 12 e-Learning sessions on leadership courses for use in several countries–with assessments, and interactive live ILT follow-up sessions a month later, the training firm I was working for was thrilled. However, the schedule they agreed to was extremely tight, partly to make the client’s delivery deadlines — and because each online course had to be completed with time to go to translators, who needed an additional several weeks to provide five different language versions.

The client needed a basic eLearning, with one-hour online training, framed by assessments before and after — and with a follow-up live training session of about 75 minutes, to provide live activities to reinforce training concepts.

Because I had experience in both eLearning and scriptwriting, and Power Point skills, I was assigned to produce the courses and the follow-up live sessions, write the narration, fit the course and remotely recorded narration to fit the required precise timing. That meant creating one online session per week, which included building an animated Power Point and sending it for proofing, writing the script, sending it for recording, getting both back one day later, trimming recording to fit the 54-minute run time, and syncing it with the Power Point. At that point, I handed it off to my manager to drop into basic Captivate. Then it was sent to translation, which was the longest part of the schedule.

The follow-up ILT workbooks then were created, sent through in-house production, and then to translation. Since European trainers were not used to the fast-paced American training, so I also added special facilitator notes to help them trim the live sessions if needed, focusing on the most critical exercises and concepts.

The result? The client was very happy — and since this project was one of the training firm’s largest contracts, they were happy, too.

The original PPT deck is not available, but sample pages from the follow-up ILT sessions and their facilitator guides (which included static slides) can be viewed below.

Facilitator Guide


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