eLearning Course in Articulate

A client in the beauty industry approached me to see if I could help them do two things: 1) create an a sales e-Learning course that would be more visually creative than their existing e-Learning, and 2) help the training manager create a space adventure product sales training game he’d been thinking of building.

Selected slides from TIGI: THE LIQUID LINE

In the case of the “traditional” e-Learning course, I developed a four-part course with a first section to introduce the brand, followed by three sections looking at the top three product lines. Each of the product lines had its own visual style, to help differentiate what was a large, self-guided course. I was requested to build it in Articulate Studio, which I had never used, but I was able to deliver the fully functional course in a little over two weeks, while using Articulate for the first time. I built the course directly in Articulate without a script, because of the need for speed. The client was delighted with the outcome, and said I was the only freelancer coming in on schedule and budget. Below are some samples of slide and (non-functional here) interactive elements which give a taste of the overall course.

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