A Sampling of Scripts

I have written many different types of scripts, including video, flash, multimedia, multi-screen, educational, broadcast documentary, TV and radio commercials, and training videos. To get an idea of the variety, here are three scripts or sections of larger scripts. Click the title to jump to the script samples on this page.


Weekly training video for stores, using client-based characters: A client had me working on eLearning projects, but referred me to someone else in their company who needed a script writer for some retail training scripts introducing shop owners and sales people to new products. The company used an existing character and style for all its training videos, which I adapted to easily.

Both of my clients in the company were pleased with the results, and my original client was particularly impressed that I could shift from instructional design and content development to video scripting with ease. But to my mind, a professional writer should be able to handle any type of writing effectively.


Delivering better outcomes for patients: Sections of a script introducing a better way for health care providers to manage the complexity of modern medicine using technology that provides all aspects of a patient’s condition, history, drug interactions and more at a doctor’s fingertips. This was done for a a major client, and was one of several videos explaining complex ideas as well as technology to expert audiences.

GIFT OF THE GLACIERS – Educational exhibit

A 2-minute loop explaining environmental evolution at Truman Dam & Reservoir Visitors Center: The Army Corps of Engineers needed several media displays for the large visitors center at the dam. The main exhibit was a multimedia, multi-screen show describing the history of the region and its waterways, the building of the dam, and a bit of history on the Corps itself.

The area had undergone extensive environmental, historical and economic impact studies, so they also wanted two smaller displays related to paleobotany and paleontology which would describe for lay audiences the evolution of the landscape and the significance of fossils found during the preparation phase. This is the paleobotany show.

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