Training Trends 2018

A marketing white paper discussing a training company’s view of the future of business learning and development.

I took over this project to help my over-burdened manager. She had a basic outline in mind, which I tried to follow for the most part, but when I suggested changes, she readily agreed. I felt her original outline needed better unity in messaging, and to be expanded in some areas.

I did additional research, wrote the content and got buy-in for the content. But then I turned to design. The original design had a difficult to read layout inside, and a rather dated look outside. While the company had just begun to look at updating the look of some of its materials, I asked for a favorite designer on-staff to work with me on making it look more polished.

She delivered what I asked for, making the cover clean and bright, and the inside content much more visual and readable. It might not have been cutting-edge in design, but it was appropriate to the company’s more conservative style, and presented a clean, crisp report.

Training Trends 2018 (White Paper)