Unique Marketing Intro,

I took over a regional stock photo agency for long-time client whose young wife was dying. So was his agency. I turned it into a stock photo powerhouse in the industry by overseeing the design and production of two ground-breaking catalogs which had been stuck for over a year in design and development. I set the design, got them through production, sold them (sight-unseen) to cover all costs, and distributed them around the world to our subagents. The catalog was a totally new style, and blew the doors off the industry, with big, bold photos that made the catalogs a great “coffee table” book. It made our agency a household name and a creative leader worldwide.

To fit that new look, I wrote an introductory bit of copy to set the tone for a new approach and to capture people’s imagination. Nobody had ever written stock photo catalog copy like that before, either. Clients, especially the art directors and copywriters, who understood that they were selling to people’s hearts as well as minds, loved it.

poetic marketing copy about the impact of images throughout history and how they affect the human heart.

© Chanda K. Zimmerman, 2012-2022

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