Getting back in the saddle: 500 a day

I was talking with some of the younger IDs (Instructional Designers) at work last week about the writing process.  I knew that they were both inclined toward planning out their work in detail before putting together workbooks or elearning scripts. I mentioned that I had discovered several years ago that there's a lot of value … Continue reading Getting back in the saddle: 500 a day

Singing the Writing Blues

No, it's not writer’s block. It’s worker's block. I’ve been focused for the last few months on rebuilding my freelance business, and/or finding work since recovering from the “Great Recession” and a medical issue that started a couple of years ago and took a year to resolve. Then, as one discovers, it often takes even longer … Continue reading Singing the Writing Blues

Keywords and SEO: Heading Toward Mush?

I was trolling on LinkedIn today, and while reading yet another profile summary, I was thinking about the way the summary was written.  There was nothing wrong with it, but the phrasing, although smooth and polished, just seemed curious, and oddly familiar. And then it hit me. She was probably fitting in keywords for SEO.  I had … Continue reading Keywords and SEO: Heading Toward Mush?