As a Manager of Training, I’ve hired many freelancers in various roles, and nothing is harder to find than a really good writer. I can say without hesitation that Chanda is one of the best I’ve worked with. She understands the assignment, and delivers content that is both instructionally sound and audience-friendly. The projects she has completed for us range from self-paced e-learning to video scripts, and she has been able to modify her approach and tone with (seeming) ease.”
Brian Hardin, Training Manager, Sally Beauty Supply

Professional Experience

  • 20+ years of experience, staff and freelance
  • Corporate, government and small business|
  • Executive, B2B marketing, training, public involvement

Is a “Professional” Writer Different?

There are a lot of writers in the world, some doing it professionally and some for personal reasons. But a “professional writer” is a bit different. We specialize in the writing process, not just one type of writing. We shift with ease between different forms, styles and mediums, and apply advanced writing and storytelling techniques to any project.

Selecting the right words to put on paper, on the screen, or in a spoken script is just the most visible part of writing. The deeper, less “visible” aspects are even more important. A professional writer will help you see what’s working in your messages, what isn’t, and what to do about it.

Writing Services

Presentations, Scripts and Storyboards

  • Presentations: Power Point and more
  • Scriptwriting: Video, audio, interactive, broadcast, and live events
  • Storyboards: Video, digital, eLearning
  • Storytelling and Narrative Design

I’m expert at writing for the “spoken word,” and did my graduate work at USC, a premier film school where I learned the art of good scriptwriting and storytelling from Hollywood pros.

Copywriting for Long-Form Projects

When you need to deliver a large amount of complex information in an engaging, easy-to-understand, and visual form over many pages and sections, I’m the writer to turn to. Call me for . . .

  • White papers
  • Training resources and workbooks
  • Reports and proposals
  • Books/booklets and guides
  • Newsletters, articles, large brochures, background handouts
  • Special projects

What Else?

Repurposing and Revision

I have experience transforming existing materials into new products and converting them to new formats/mediums. I’m highly adept at showing clients how to rescue a project in trouble — and when it’s more economical to just start fresh.

“Creative” Writing for Business

“Creative” can mean many things — a new approach, a more innovative way of communicating or delivering training, or a better way to tell your story. I work both in creative writing for business purposes and traditional creative writing (as in storytelling.) You can see some examples of both on my Storytelling page and among my Portfolio samples.

Make Complex Topics Easy to Understand

I have a broad knowledge base and experience working with all types of SMEs (Subject Matter Experts).
Call me to . . .

  • translate complex concepts into easy-to-understand messages.
  • develop innovative ways to engage and educate lay audiences.
  • design effective ways to share findings or decisions others.
  • train technical professionals to communicate more effectively.

Strong Collaboration Skills

I work easily with creative production teams, SMEs of all kinds, and senior executives in both industry and government. As a teacher, as well as a consultant, I work with all kinds of personalities in the classroom and in my work.

Not sure if your project is ready to go to the writing phase?
Consider my Consulting services first. I can help you assess, rethink and sharpen your goals and strategy

About Editing . . .

There are many kinds of editing. I specialize in Content Editing across all media.

Content editing looks at drafts and existing materials to analyze things like the focus, structure, flow, tone, word choice, and many other aspects to ensure that your message is clear, concise, polished and fits your goal. In other words, I make sure your messages and training materials are doing what you think they are, and that they are working as effectively as possible for you.

Whether it’s a written document, a presentation, speech, script or storyboard, I help clients see more clearly how to improve their documents, presentations, scripts, and training materials to better deliver the results they want.

I always ensure that my projects meet common business standards of grammar, punctuation, formatting and more. In fact, I often pinpoint the little details that others miss when they are proofreading or copyediting. However, depending on the size, scope and special elements in your project, I may suggest a professional copyeditor and/or proofreader for very large and complex projects.


I generally use Chicago Manual of Style, but I have also used AP, Gregg, and MLA, as well as clients’ own internal style books.

I provide training and coaching. Call me for more info.

If your message matters, it should be the best it can be.
Contact me to discuss how you can take your messaging to the next level.

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